George Saywell
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your address all right hold in what is again the house number I do apologize all right and what is again the zip code / once Verutum RX  again the name of this trick Catherine Drive after an afternoon Drive correct yes and then in Jamestown dance town North Dakota yes okay so this is a private house are you have enough for a fence number it's the private house we'll see I thank you yes it's a private house um see it's actually just my place I have a bunch of land you know the potato I grow the potato and I sell it all right I'm good you know like like potato pie I grow potato and I send it to the company you know at the potato farm okay yeah I know that oh it will be delivered that will be oh it will be duly browser your name but it's a discreet package I own privacy can you spell it out to me your first name and your last name - my name is David like that like David and it's R as in rabbit and then Jones David odde Jones venomous okay thank you so the name of the package they receive is R Jones correct yes if the Jones are all set now so finally is everything here now you're going to receive your package running the next Sousa .


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