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We sell High Quality Grade (99%) Mephedrone (4MMC) and other research chemicals in both powder and crystal forms. Email ……. Skype ……..chemical.yes A-PPP A-PVP BK-EBDP BK-DMBDB BK-2C-B BUFF Etizolam Ethylone MDPV MDMA U-47700 U-49900 HEX-EN 4-CEC 4-CDC 4-EMC 4-MEC 4-CPRC 4F-PHP 4-MPD 4-FMA 2-NMC 2-FMA 2-Bromo-LSD 2-A1MP Methylone 5capb 5-methylethylone Wua-101 MPHP MMB-Chminaca MMBC MDPHP MDMB-FUBINACA Mephedrone 4mmc Mexedrone Methadone MXE Hexedrone 3MMC 4mec ST-135 EG-018 Ephedrine 5F-ADB 5F-AEB 5FAKB48 5MAPDI 5F-AB-FUPPYCA 5F-CUMYL-PINACA AZ-037 5-Meo-Mipt 5-Meo-Dalt 3-Meo-Pcp 4-Aco-Dmt 5fur-144 AM2201 mam2201 ur-144 FAB-144 5F-PCN 5F-MN-24 5FPB-22 jwh-122 Dibutylone EAM-2201 NM-2201 jwh-210 PB-22 5F-PB22 5F-PV8 5F-UR144 AKB48 5F-AKB48 FUB-AMB FUB-MDMB ADB-Fubinaca AB-Fubinaca AB-Pinaca Amphetamine BB-22 5F-BB22 4-CL-PVP TH-PVP Alpha-pvp a-PBP A-PHP Alprazolam Adrafinil thj2201 If you are interested in any of our product , contact us by Email ……. Skype ……..chemical.yes

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