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Pretty puppies

  • Publish Date: 11-10-18
  • Price: $750.00

I am tired keeping all this puppies there are too many for me to feed and treat them. this poppies need rehoming there haven't taken their last vaccine yet it's good I get rid of them earlier because I can't pay for all the vaccines there are 8 weeks old…

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  • Publish Date: 01-08-18

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bkebdp bk-ebdp BKEBDP BK-EBDP 8492312-32-2

  • Publish Date: 22-07-18
  • Price: $160.00

we have our own factory,high quality and nice price.If you still need ,please let me know. Have a nice day.  Young  Company name:Hebei Huanhao Biotechnology co., Ltd.  Website: www.hbhuanhao.com/  phone/whatsapp:+8617194018088 Skype:young-1005  Bk 4cec…

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  • Publish Date: 20-07-18
  • Price: $150.00

Company name:Hebei Huanhao Biotechnology co., Ltd. Website: www.hbhuanhao.com/    phone/whatsapp:+8617194018088 Skype:young-1005 Product name :bkebdp bk-ebdp  Molecular Formula : C20H27FN2O3  Molecular Mass : 195.230  CAS Number : 8492312-32-2   …

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