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E-mail : sale07@sxjwtech.com  
Our product list as below :
U-47700 , F-UF , bk-ebdp , 4-cec crystal ,3mm , 4cmc ,
25i-nbome(25i), Dimethylone(M11 powder)
bk-ebdp,bk-2cb , BK-MDMA, Dibutylone , w-15 . w-18
4cl-pvp,4f-mph , isopropylphenidate,4f -eph,mdpt,fub-amb , fub-akd
a-PBT, A-PBT , 2nmc,fab144, fdu-pb22, ,
2a1mp, 2-mme , 4mec, 4-bmc , 4-emc  ,4-cprc, 4fpv8,
Adrafinil,Isopropylphenidate,3fpm ,4f-mph
5f-akb48,  thj018 , thj2201 ,nm-2201 , mmb2201 ,
2-(4-(4-Nitrophenyl)butan-2-ylamino)-1-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethanol Hydrochloride  
Cas 1346600-92-7   if you need , please kindly contact with me
Skype : sxjw07  Whatsapp : +86-13014334246  
E-mail  : sale07@sxjwtech.com


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Send Message Phone: 86-13014334246

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