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Email / Skype : Whatsapp : +86 17129228399 Wickr : skychemicallab Company : Hong Kong GR Chemical Lab (I have only one Skype, please contact email first and then add Skype, beware of being cheated) Our laboratory was established in 2002 and has been engaged in the research and production of various chemicals,We have it in stock. We have various RC products, please feel free to contact me ①All kinds of products are available. ②Various colors custom-made ③Safe delivery of the goods. ④100% delivery ⑤Pure grade and no mixtures added ⑥Reliable customs clearance Payment Terms︰Western Union , Money Gram ,Biction Packing : 1kg/Aluminum foil bag or as customer requirement Storage : Kept in a cool , dry and ventilated place We can give away 5-10 g samples of different products for the main order Hot Selling : 1. 3cmc, 4cmc ,4CEC ,4MMC ,3mmc ,4mec ,4bmc ,4EMC ,4CDC 2. u47700,u48800,u49900,fentanyl hcl , maf , Fu-F, w-15,w-18 ,Hydrocodone ,Carfen 3. MDMA ,BK-ebdp , methylone(bk-mdma) , ethylone(Bk-MDEA) 4. AB-CHMINACA ,AB-FUBINACA ,ADB-FUBINACA ,Adb-chminaca ,MMBChminaca 5. allylescaline,4ho-mipt,4-ho-met,2c-b,2c-c,2c-d,2c-e,25b-nbome,25I-NBOMe, 6. 5mapb,6mapb,6apb,2fa,4fa, 25C-NBOMe 7. dibutylone,butylone,mexedrone,4mpd,MAPD 8. ZDCM-04,alprazolam,Xanax,mphp201,4F-PHP,MMB-2201,I-AMB, 9. 5F-MMB-PICA,5F-AMB-PICA,5F-MDMB-220,5F-EAPB 10. NM2201,CBL-2201,THJ018,fub-amb,5F-SDB-006,4-CPRC,3FPM ,5-EAPB , 5F-ADB ,4F-PBP 11. STI : Isopropyphenidate ,N-Ethyl-Hexedrone,Hexen 12. ANES :3-MeO-PCP,4-MeO-PCP,Diphenidine,2-Oxo-PCM,Deschloro 13. others:5F-NPB22,4-MEO-PVP,BB-22,5-MMA,4-MeMABP,ADSB-FUB-187, 14. 2-FDCK,5FADB,MMBFUB,MPHP2201 15. Alprazolam,Etizolam,diazepam,clonazepam,oxycodone,hydrocodone, 16. zolpidem,phentermine,MMB022,5,3-AB-C,FUB144,FUB2201, diclazepam,MAF, R-30490,carfen ,lofen ,3-MF, BUF ,FUF 17. EG018,SGT78,NDH,5CAKB48,5CABP Products Star: 4F-ADB,2F-DCKcrystal,Etizolam,mdma,Mexedrone ,TH-PVP,3cmc,4cmc,4mmc,U-47700 Fu-F,Alprazolam(xanax)powder,Carfentanyl,W-15,W-18,diazepam,hydrocodone,6-APB/5,3-AB-C,2F-DCK,5F-ADB MMBFUB,MMB022,FUB144,5F-MDMB-2201,FUB2201,MPHP2201,5F-EAPB,diclazepam, alprazolam ,etizolam ,paracetamol and more Discount Products: Etizolam ,5fadb,2fdck,5cabp,4-fpet,6apb,abc,mdma,bk-edbp,mmbfub,mphp2201 MDPHP,U-48800,3-Meo-PCP,SDB-005,ADB-FUBINACA,A-PPP,A-PVP,FAB-144,MMBC 5-Methylethylone,4-Aco-DMT,NM-2201,EAM-2201,AM-2201,MAM-2201,MAB-CHMINACA ,Mexedrone ,Hexen ,TH-PVP,3cmc,4cmc,4mmc,4cdc,4-MPD,MDPPP,MDPBP,U-47700, 4F-PHP,BK-2C-B,EG-018,diclazepam,flubromazolam,Meclonazepam ,flubromazepam,Nitrazolam,Alprazolam(xanax)powder,Carfen,Mdma,U-47700,u-48800,u-49900,Fu-F,BMK,PMK   

hong kong

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