4mec 4-bmc 4-CEC 4F-POP 4-emc -- Skype : sxjw07

  • Publish Date: 14-12-16

Skype : sxjw07 Whatsapp : +86-13014334246 E-mail : sale07@sxjwtech.com Our product list as below : u-47700 , F-UF , 4-cprc , 4-cec crystal ,3mm , 4cmc , 25i-nbome(25i), Dimethylone(M11 powder) bk-ebdp,bk-2cb , BK-MDMA, Dibutylone 4cl-pvp,4f-mph…

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seller for 4-cec 4CEC crystals Wholesale Research Chemical

  • Publish Date: 04-09-17

Email: sales6@kaiwodun-pharma.com  Skype:+861827145699  We have these products as below:  bk-ebdp,a-pvp,CMC,DIBU and others :  BK-EBDP FUB-AMB 4-EMC           4-CEC   Dibutylone 4CDC 4-MPD              4FPHP         THJ018 THJ2201  If you are now…

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2-bromo-lsd bromo-lsd 1p-lsd bol-148

  • Publish Date: 08-06-17

2-bromo-lsd IUPAC name (6aR,9R)-5-bromo-N,N-diethyl-7-methyl-4,6,6a,7,8, 9-hexahydroindoloquinoline-9-carboxamide Synonyms 2-bromolysergic acid diethylamide,BOL-148 CAS Number 478-84-2 Formula C20H24BrN3O Molar mass 402.328 g mol 1 Delivery time: within…

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